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07 October 2017

Inktober Week 1 done

Rather than post every day which I find too hard to manage I decided to just post the rest of the week as one. Hopefully they will look good all together, and see some progress.

Day 4 Underwater

Deep sea diver
Fineliner and Tombow markers

Sktchy Ref
Pental brush pen and ink wash

Day 5 Long
Freddy Mouse was checking his long list of favourite cheeses

Sktchy Ref, what a lovely bunch of long legs

Day 6 Sword

The Lady of the Lake retrieves Excalabur after Arthurs death.

Sktchy Ref
Pental brush pen and Tombow markers

Say 7 Shy
Shy Guy
Fineliner and ink washes

Sktchy Ref - cute little shy girl

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