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11 March 2017

100 people in 5 days

Yes another challenge... I am a glutton for punishment. Marc Holmes and Liz Steele introduced a challenge of doing 100 people in one week. A big ask. To prepare for this I started watching Marc's Craftsy class on sketching people. I bought it a while ago and never got to it. I followed his technique of fast gesture sketching with pencil and then again over the top with fountain pen.

I did not complete all 100 but I did do 70 which I think is a pretty impressive effort. They are small and fast and some of them (or should I say many) are a mess but there are a few in there that I am really pleased with. The process was very freeing and I tackled groups of people that I would normally avoid.

Here are a few of the pages I completed. Most ref's are from Sktchy but I did also do a few from life.

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  1. Great job on these! I especially like the sketches that combined several people in one.