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24 February 2017

Week 3 of faces - still on target

I thought I was falling behind my goal but now I've counted them this makes 25. I am well on target.
As usual all references are from Sktchy done using a variety of mediums.

A few watercolour sketches...

Some biro sketches on prepainted pages. I love doing these...

Some others in graphite, marker and water...


  1. Great faces!!! Are you going to try the "100 people challenge" that Liz Steele and Marc Taro Holmes are doing from March 6-11? I may try it.

    1. Thanks again Joan. I saw that challenge but wasn't sure about it. If you are doing it I might give it a try.

  2. Congrats for being on target.
    Your faces are lovely and nice to see so many different expressions.