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26 February 2017

Nearing the finish line

It is always exciting to near the end of a challenge especially when you have achieved your goal. I think I can see an improvement in my sketches over this month. I am certainly attempting harder portraits with more confidence.

Here are another couple of quick biro sketches. I have I mentioned I love working on prepainted pages? :) This makes it 28 faces so far. One more to go. Do I get it done today and finish or relax and take my time? Best to get it done. So stay tuned for the final of 29 faces...

24 February 2017

Week 3 of faces - still on target

I thought I was falling behind my goal but now I've counted them this makes 25. I am well on target.
As usual all references are from Sktchy done using a variety of mediums.

A few watercolour sketches...

Some biro sketches on prepainted pages. I love doing these...

Some others in graphite, marker and water...

16 February 2017

Two weeks down

It has been two weeks into this challenge and things are going well. As usual for me a variety of styles and media being used. But its all good fun. All references are from Sktchy. Another 6 faces here to add to the collection.

10 February 2017

Keeping on track

I am keeping on with my portrait drawings and paintings.

I am very happy with how this watercolour painting turned out, The angles were very hard to draw.

This was a quick sketch using a biro in my cheap sketchbook and then decided to add just a few splashes of colour. A fun experiment that worked out well.

That makes 10 in 10 days. Keeping up well. 

09 February 2017

The faces continue...

Here a few more faces I did over the last few days. All are digital freehand.

These 3 were for a quick draw challenge and took no more than 5 mins each. And it shows lol. I tried a different app for these, Auryn Ink. They have more of a watercolour feel but for now it is very hard to control.

This was done in Procreate which I am much more comfortable with now.

05 February 2017

More faces...

I am finding it hard to post everyday but I am still drawing and painting daily. As usual I am using references from Sktchy, it is such a wonderful supportive community.

 This one was done in graphite in my sketchbook. I really like how it turned out.

This is another digital piece. The challenge was to do a Vintage style portrait. I did this by using sepia tones and lots of soft blending.  Created in Procreate.

03 February 2017

Face 2

Another digital portrait of another wonderful person at Sktchy. I am really enjoying the iPad Pro and iPencil. I like this style of sketch.


02 February 2017

New challenge for February

I found a new challenge I can take part in that fits in with my usual drawing routine so probably not that much of a challenge. It will help keep me focused and on track though. 29 Faces, one a day for Feb, if it was a leap year, so have to double up somewhere along the way.

This is a digital portrait of Lilibeth a wonderful lady on Sktchy. She is always so supportive of everyone so I wanted to do this to say thank you to her.

Digital portrait