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30 January 2017

Day 30

Nearly at the end. Well technically this is 30 paintings in 30 days but I will still do one tomorrow and round off the month.

I took my time on this one and am very happy with the results. I even ended up using a tiny brush for the shading on the face. The beard turned out pretty good too.

Ref from Sktchy


Day 29

This time the Brusho was out of control. I did this to help celebrate the Chinese New Year. It was still fun though.


Day 28

I am really happy with how this turned out. A macro painting of a sunflower. I used Brusho and love how the colours worked together. A fun piece.


Day 27

This is a digital painting of one of my favourite childhood storybook characters Peter Rabbit. I loved Beatrix Potter illustrations.
Created in Procreate


27 January 2017

Other works I have been doing

Although it seems like my focus has just been on the 30 paintings in 30 days I have still been trying to do other sketches and paintings as well. Here is a selection of my Sktchy inspired portraits from the month. I used a variety of mediums - pen, ink, ink wash, charcoal, conte.

Day 26

A different feel for digital that I think suits children's illustrations. Maybe.
I come from a land Down Under.
Freehand drawing and painting on iPad Pro using iPencil and Procreate.


Day 25

Another digitial portrait using Procreate. I think this is more a style that suits me. It has a sketchy feel with watercolour washes.
Ref from Sktchy, what a cutie :)


Day 24

Headed back to the ipad again. It is so quick and easy to use and I am loving the effects. Tried some watercolour brushes here over the initial sketch.
Ref from Sktchy


Day 23

 It has been a while since I painted a portrait in watercolour. I really felt out of practice. It is so hard to keep up with all these mediums. But I can't resist trying them all.
Ref from Sktchy


23 January 2017

Day 22

Another digital painting. Tried for a more graphic look. Was a bit of fun depicting the urban legend Drop Bears found in Australian forests.

Day 21

Digital painting, The biggest, sweetest, most lickable lollipop she had ever seen.

20 January 2017

Day 20

I love watercolour painting. It is so immediate with so many unexpected accidents that give so much life to the piece. Some simple poppies can look so vibrant.


19 January 2017

Day 19

Another loose experiment with watercolour. A cheery looking guinea pig. Added some white pen as well.


Day 18

I don't draw or paint dogs very often. I am lousy at them. But it just means I need more practice. I tried to go loose and play with some colour here. Went back with pen to add some definition so hopefully you can recognise that it is  a dog :) I really am not happy with the Moleskin watercolour sketchbook, the paint just doesn't react in the same way. I am just using up pages now to get it out of the way. 


Day 17

Still playing with Brusho. I love watercolour for all the accidental things it does that create beautiful effects. Brusho takes that even further but can too easily get out of control. That happened here.The shawl the child is wrapped in just took over.  But it was still fun.

16 January 2017

Day 16

In the home stretch and feeling good about it. More Brusho fun. Am still learning how to use this medium in different ways. I think it worked well to give a soft fuzzy feel to this toy bunny.

watercolour bunny

Day 15

This is halfway through and I have done 15 paintings. Feeling good about that. I have been a bit erratic with posting but am still painting in one form or another.

Here is another Brusho painting. This cute bunny captured my eye.

watercolour bunny

14 January 2017

Day 14

I had so much fun with the Brusho yesterday I did another. One of my favourite things to paint is pears. I thought the sometimes grainy effect you can get with Brusho would be just right for this. Not as good as I hoped but I think I disturbed the paint too much.

Day 13

Time to play with some more Brusho. I watched a video on painting florals with this wonderful medium. This is my interpretation. The colours are always so bright and vivid.

Day 12

This is from a photo shared in a virtual sketch tour group I belong to. Who could resist a huge sculpture of Pepe Le Pew. Painted in acrylic inks.

Day 11

I have gone back to my watercolours. This is a simple floral bouquet of lavender.

13 January 2017

Day 10

When in doubt as to what to draw or paint just look around and you may be surprised at what you can see that will be fun to use. These are an old pair of slippers that Jasper our cat loves to play with and snuggle into. The little toy mouse is a favourite of Devi's, our other cat.

Digital sketch - play time

Day 9

I am  a bit behind with my posting and painting. I am hoping to catch up over the weekend.

Here is a quick digital painting playing with brushes and blending. I love rounded pots and vases.

digital - vase

09 January 2017

Day 8

More watercolour fun. I am going to be including birds in another piece I am working on so just having a trial run here. Keeping it loose, wet in wet.

watercolour birds

Day 7

Back to the watercolours. Playing with my new Daniel Smith colours. They are glorious.

waterclour lily

07 January 2017

Day 6

Another digital Sktchy challenge. This was to use geometric shapes to represent the portrait. I have never done anything like this before. I wasn't sure how to approach it at first but then just had a go. It was quite freeing once I got started. I chose a face with a beard as I thought it would be a great subject.

The colouring took hours but I am pretty happy with the result.

Freehand painting in Procreate. 

Day 5

The weather is far too hot to go down to my studio and paint so I am going digital. Believe me it is harder than watercolour painting. I am fairly new to this but having a lot of fun. Steep learning curve.

This was painted for a Sktchy challenge on hands. If you know me you know I love drawing and painting hands so I jumped at this one. I have not tried painting on the ipad before. It took a lot of work and lots of going over and over to get the effect I was trying for. I left the initial sketch lines in as it helped add definition and I liked it.

Freehand drawing and painting in Procreate

06 January 2017

Day 4

For something different I tried a rose. Worked wet in wet. It seems rather abstract.


Day 3

Tried for some texture to show the feathers on this beautiful bird but it looks a bit messy.


03 January 2017

Day 2

I was trying to loosen up and be creative with this one. Did not work as I had hoped. I had an owl face in mind but looking at it now it could almost be a bat. And the colours were not as I'd expected either. This will come back with more practice. Helps if I use a reference photo too.

watercolour in Moleskin watercolour sketchbook

02 January 2017

30 paintings in 30 days once again

I have decided to take the challenge once again this year to create 30 paintings over January. I am feeling very rusty with my painting so this will help brush the cobwebs away and get me back into gear. Well that's the theory. I don't have a particular theme for the month, I'll just wing it. I hope you come back often to see how the month is going.

Day 1 Red Kangaroo
You can see how rusty my painting skills are... :) I painted this in my Moleskin watercolour sketchbook. Not a real fan of the paper I must say.