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31 December 2016

iPad Pro and iPencil

I splurged recently and acquired an iPad Pro and the iPencil. WOW! They are fantastic to draw with. I have tried drawing on the iPad in the past with a rubber tipped stylus and found it frustrating and awkward. The iPencil is well worth the money. It is like drawing with an actual pencil, has a nice weight and a point.

I have started playing with a couple of different art apps but still feeling my way and experimenting. It is so much fun.

Here are a batch of Sktchy portraits I did over the last couple of weeks using the iPad Pro and iPencil. They were all drawn freehand, no tracing.

This first group were my initial tries using Pen&Ink and Procreate. Was very hesitant at this stage.

Getting more confident and pushing the drawings further...

I love drawing on prepainted pages in my sketchbook so tried the same effect here. I created the background in one app and then imported it into Procreate for the sketching.

Here are some more adventurous drawings and playing with adding some colour.

I can see me using the iPad and iPencil a lot in the future. And so handy for just sketching in the lounge or anywhere...


  1. I can see how the sketches improved as you gained confidence using the iPad Pro and iPencil. The last group is particularly good. Great job! Wishing you a happy, healthy 2017!!!

    1. Thanks so much Joan, it is a bit of a learning curve.