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15 November 2016

Having fun with Sktchy

There is a wonderful app available to artists called Sktchy. I have fallen in love with it. It is a great sharing community where people post pics, many of faces, and a range of artists draw them. I have been working hard on my portrait drawing skills over the last couple of years so thought this was be a great incentive for me.

I have been doing a portrait most days for the last couple of months. I must say all this practice has certainly paid off. I can see an improvement and it has given me a chance to play with different mediums and techniques which is always fun.

As this is a catch up post I won't bore you with the whole lost, but here is a selection of my Sktchy portraits. Enjoy!


  1. I just went and changed my links to include this new blog. I still had your old inactive one listed. You are really doing well with the Sketchy portraits and there has been a lot of improvement that I can see. Practice is paying off!!!

  2. Thanks so much for taking an interest and the kind comments Jean.