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20 November 2016

Daily challenges

There are a number of groups on Facebook and the internet which offer daily challenges for drawing and painting. There is an ongoing group which do an Every Day in for each month. It is a lovely group of people who are supportive and encouraging. It has been great to reconnect with those people and daily drawing. I tend to just do quick sketches but it keeps the brain and fingers active.

I have been participating in Every Day in November. Here are my sketches so far...

Skyline - Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne  

Lighthouse - Cape Schank, Victoria 

Cabin - High Country Victoria

Rose garden - with and without colour


Fountain - I'd love a fountain like this... but it just lives in my imagination.

Tudor house - I loved looking at these when I visited York

Welcoming - nothing beats a big hello and hug from Mr Bunny

Going Country - Mr Bunny getting into the swing of things

Traffic - I'd rather a mob of sheep than a traffic jam of cars

Dessert - nothing beats chocolate icecream

Teatime - I saw this set at the shops and thought it was so cute

Knitting - Grandma Cat sitting on the porch knitting

Yarn - this is where the yarn comes from for all that knitting

Basket - our fruit basket

Comfy - no matter the position cats always look so comfy

Mountains - from imagination

Mocha - going back to the beans

Harbour - Being an aussie I had to go with iconic Sydney Harbour with bridge and Opera House

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  1. Great collection of sketches, Jacqui! I love your fountain from your imagination.