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15 February 2016

Other stuff last week

I haven't been doing as much art as I was but am still trying to get some done. I have shown you what I did at art group, here are the few other pieces I also did during the week.

Feet are a major challenge for me. I am happy drawing hands but stay away from feet. I saw this cute pic on pixabay and decided to have a go. I think it worked out pretty well.

A5, watercolour

This is from one of the horse photos from the lady at art group. It is one of the foals she bred. I tend to use shading to create form and roundness but to also add local colouring can confuse things a bit. Not too had for a first try though.

A4, watercolour

Another kitten pic, who can resist. I am getting more confident in using light and shade.

A5, watercolour

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