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12 February 2016

Art Group

I have recently joined a local art group. I have been looking for one in the area for over a year and finally decided to ask at the library if they knew of any. The library is a wonderful source of all types of information. And wouldn't you know, in the same building is U3A who run an art group.

I attended the first session last week. I am very shy and it was a nerve wracking thing to do but I am so glad that I had lots of support and encouragement and turned up. It is a non-tutored group, so each person just does their own thing. I'm happy with that. Last week there was 3 other ladies and this week an extra one turned up as well. They each do different types of art which is great. I enjoy seeing what others do with different mediums. They were all very friendly and nice. I am happy I found this group.

Here are the couple of things I did last week. A small painting of a horse. It turns out one of the women used to breed and train horses and she was interested in this piece. She also gave me access to several of her photos of horses to try. I love horses but have often avoided them as being too hard.

I also did this simple sketch. I started off with watersoluble graphite and then added some watercolour.

Yesterday I did another small painting of this puppy which the others liked.

And this fun ink sketch of a Pirate Cat.

I did a couple of sketches from the horse photos, with guidance from the lovely lady and am planning on painting those soon.

I am really enjoying having somewhere to go where I can do my art with other like minded people around. It adds a social aspect which can be lacking when being an artist.

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