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29 February 2016

52 Week Illustration Challenge - Week 4 Swimming

How did I not notice that I had forgotten to do a piece for week 4. I distinctly remember the week and topic and trying to find references. I had originally thought of doing a dog swimming. I did a couple of sketches but decided it was too hard. I guess I must have run out of time and just moved on. As we do at times.
I don't like to leave a week out, especially so early on in the year, so here is my entry for Swimming. Better late than never.
She is all decked out for a safe, fun swimming session. I am especially pleased with this as I did not use a reference photo for this. All that drawing is paying off. The body might be a tad long but hey... :)

watercolour, A4

25 February 2016

52 Week Illustration Challenge - Week 7 Kindergarten

There were so many possibilites for this one but I decided to go to the source and get ideas first hand. My nephew's daughter, the beautiful Ms Piper, started kinder this year so I asked her what her favourite thing to do is. The Play Doh was a winner. I am sure this will be replaced with lots of other things but I am glad she is having a ball and loving the whole experience.

Based on a photo of Piper with the Play Doh.

pen and watercolour.

For me Kindergarten is the start of when you make friends that for many people stay with them all through school, and if they are lucky, even beyound. I wanted to try and portray this.

watercolour, A5

52 Week Illustration Challenge - Week 6 Printing

Not sure how I managed to forget to post this. But better late than never.
As the title says the topic was printing. I had lots of ideas but none of them got past the sketch stage. I finally decided to combine a couple of images.

First I did some finger printing to make some animals and characters...

Then I did the drawing of the child with her creations. I added in the prints in Photoshop.

Didn't turn out too bad.

15 February 2016

Other stuff last week

I haven't been doing as much art as I was but am still trying to get some done. I have shown you what I did at art group, here are the few other pieces I also did during the week.

Feet are a major challenge for me. I am happy drawing hands but stay away from feet. I saw this cute pic on pixabay and decided to have a go. I think it worked out pretty well.

A5, watercolour

This is from one of the horse photos from the lady at art group. It is one of the foals she bred. I tend to use shading to create form and roundness but to also add local colouring can confuse things a bit. Not too had for a first try though.

A4, watercolour

Another kitten pic, who can resist. I am getting more confident in using light and shade.

A5, watercolour

12 February 2016

Art Group

I have recently joined a local art group. I have been looking for one in the area for over a year and finally decided to ask at the library if they knew of any. The library is a wonderful source of all types of information. And wouldn't you know, in the same building is U3A who run an art group.

I attended the first session last week. I am very shy and it was a nerve wracking thing to do but I am so glad that I had lots of support and encouragement and turned up. It is a non-tutored group, so each person just does their own thing. I'm happy with that. Last week there was 3 other ladies and this week an extra one turned up as well. They each do different types of art which is great. I enjoy seeing what others do with different mediums. They were all very friendly and nice. I am happy I found this group.

Here are the couple of things I did last week. A small painting of a horse. It turns out one of the women used to breed and train horses and she was interested in this piece. She also gave me access to several of her photos of horses to try. I love horses but have often avoided them as being too hard.

I also did this simple sketch. I started off with watersoluble graphite and then added some watercolour.

Yesterday I did another small painting of this puppy which the others liked.

And this fun ink sketch of a Pirate Cat.

I did a couple of sketches from the horse photos, with guidance from the lovely lady and am planning on painting those soon.

I am really enjoying having somewhere to go where I can do my art with other like minded people around. It adds a social aspect which can be lacking when being an artist.

07 February 2016

52 Week Illustration Challenge - Week 5 1920's

What a fun week this has been. Look back at the 1920's it was such a time of contrasts, jazz, prohibition, gangsters, great fashions... I decided to do 2 images for this week. I could have done so many more as well.

The ladies hats were stunning. I love hats. I wish I could get away with wearing a hat these days.

A4, watercolour

Harry Houdini was at the height of his fame as an illusionist and escape artist before dying in 1926. I remember watching a movie based on his life. He was an interesting man. This is based on the image he used on many of his posters.

A4, watersoluble pencil, touch of watercolour, text added digitally

02 February 2016

Illustration Challenge - Week 3 Theme Park

I was a bit late completing this one but at least I finally got it done. I am trying to avoid falling too far behind so I don't get disheartened and give up, especially so early in the year.

There were so many ideas and options for Theme Park but I decided to use a photo of my great nieces on a fair ground ride. I did however change them into bunnies. I hope they don't mind.

watercolour, A4

01 February 2016

January Paintings

I did not quite reach my goal of 30 paintings in the 30 days but despite being unwell I was able to complete 26 paintings. I am really proud of that achievement. I am really happy with a number of the pieces, which is an added bonus.

A number of different themes were tried and I can see where I can improve on them. It has certainly given me something to keep working on.

I have enjoyed getting back into painting and intend to keep it up on a regular basis, so stay tuned for more to come.

Here is a compilation of this months paintings. Do you have a favourite?