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31 January 2016

Painting #26

Based on another Pixabay image. Nothing like a brisk stroll through the woods to brighten your day and put a spring in your step.

watercolour, A5

Painting #25

Illness has definitely put me behind my schedule but I am really enjoying painting so I will just keep going.

This is based on a photo by the lovely Teri Casper of the sunrise at Tuscon Arizona, with kind permission. I see stunning skies and clouds and always feel inspired to paint them but they never look half as good as I hoped. Maybe this is something I can work on a bit more.

watercolour, A5

26 January 2016

Painting #24

Another Pixabay image. I seem to have a thing for teddy bears lately. Well not just lately. I have several myself and they always make a good subject to paint or draw.

watercolour, A5

Painting #23

Been struggling health wise so the painting has taken a bit of a step back. Hard to believe this one took three days to complete.
Based on an image from Pixabay, it reminds me of the end of a long hot summers day down at the beach. The kids still playing in the shallows, reluctant to leave.

watercolour, A5

24 January 2016

Painting #22

Sometimes its nice to just sit at the window and enjoy the view...

watercolour, A5

Painting #21

After spending more than 2 days in bed with a severe migraine I have fallen behind in my painting schedule. Life does have a way of getting in the way at times. I'm hoping to catch up and still make my target of 30 paintings for January.

This one turned out a bit "darker" and spookier than intended. Maybe a result of still feeling nauseous. Where are these girls headed?

watercolour, A5

20 January 2016

Painting #20

All this painting is certainly paying off. Practice, practice, practice. Not everything works but I am more aware of what does and doesn't and keep trying. Hopefully it is starting to come together.
I focused on shading for form again on this one, and composition. I wanted the background to frame the image.

watercolour, A5

Painting #19

I am enjoying painting birds so thought I'd try another one. Parrots can be so bright and colourful. They are amazing.

watercolour, A5

18 January 2016

Painting #18

Small baby duckling heading off for a quick wander on the pond. Yes I know, more white... shade to give it form. Wet in wet for the water and rocks. Quick and loose.

watercolour, A5

Painting #17

Painting white fur is a constant challenge. Not always successful but I keep trying.
Tried to capture the cute tilted head look that always asks for cuddles.

watercolour, A5

Illustration Challenge - Week 2 Outdoors

Week 2 theme for the 52 week illustration challenge is outdoors. Nothing like spending summer outdoors with your best buddy. The world is their oyster, so many adventures await. 

Pencil sketch digitally painted in Photoshop.

17 January 2016

Painting #16

Went for a bit more definition today. Much happier with the result. Crows are awesome birds.
Have noticed I am doing lots of birds and animals, buts thats okay.

watercolour, A5

16 January 2016

Painting #15

Wow, already half way through the challenge. Feels good to be doing this.

I decided to try a closeup of an elephant. Another favourite animal. I am not very happy with the result. It was an attempt at wet in wet and I lost control. To me it looks like a big messy blob. But in the spirit of the challenge I am still posting it. The whole idea of this challenge for me is to experiment and try different things. Not everything will work out but I will share it anyway, to show that I am working at it. :)

Photo provided by Sheryl Hurd House.

watercolour, A5

15 January 2016

Painting #14

Owls are great looking birds. I love to paint and draw them. Their roundness, their feathers, those eyes... I took liberties with the colouring here. A new breed of owl.

watercolour, A5

13 January 2016

Painting #13

A friendly penguin. It is always a challenge to paint white and still create form. This was extra hard being on white snow. Using blues, grey and purples can help depict the cold whiteness.

watercolour, A5

11 January 2016

Painting #11

Nothing is so sweet and peaceful as a sleeping kitty.

I'm not too sure about the colour combo, and the shading could be better but you have to at least try. :)

watercolour, A5

52 Week Illustration Challenge 2016

I have decided to participate in the Facebook 52 Week Illustration Challenge again this year. I took part during 2014 but with health and other issues I forgot about it last year. I am really looking forward to this. I enjoyed it so much initially and there is such a wonderful group of illustrators participating again this year. Drop by and have a look here... 52 Week Illustration Challenge

The topic for Week 1 is Fancy Dress. I could not resist dressing Miss Deviadora up as a Fairy Princess. She is such a princess. I decided to do this as a digital image. It has been a while since I have done any digital work so it was a good refresher.

I am very happy with the end result. She looks so happy as she sprinkles fairy dust into the air for all to enjoy.

10 January 2016

Painting #10

Another go at doing a painting of a child. Happy with the dress she is wearing. Was a difficult pose.

Not sure what I will try tomorrow. You'll have to just wait and see... :)

watercolour, A5

09 January 2016

Painting #9

Here is another painting of a child. I am much happier with this one. Better definition with the shading and highlights.
I am really enjoying painting on a regular basis again. Very thankful for this challenge giving me the push I needed.

watercolour, A5

08 January 2016

Painting #8

For the next few days I have decided to paint children. People are a challenge for me so this will be good practice. It is hard to get much detail with this small size.
Girl on the hill

watercolour, A5

07 January 2016

06 January 2016

Painting #6

I saw some boat paintings the other day and it reminded me of a tutorial I found many years ago on how to create the boat hull shape nice and easily.

First draw an elongated figure 8 or infinity symbol...

from the top right bend draw down and join up to the left to create the base.
Then paint as desired. This is riding low in the water but has a serene feel to it.

watercolour, A5

05 January 2016

Painting #5

I have been enjoying doing the closeups so here is one of a pelican. Pelicans are awesome birds. Such graceful necks and the delicate colouring on their bills.

watercolour, A5

04 January 2016

Painting #4

Keeping up so far. Isn't it funny how you don't notice certainly things until you see them on the screen. How did I not see that one eye is so much bigger than the other? Oh well, I 'm enjoying the process.

watercolour, A5

03 January 2016

Painting #3

Day 3 of 30 paintings in 30 days

I don't really seem to have found or stuck to a theme yet. Just whatever catches my eye and imagination. I have been trying to work more wet in wet. I do like Bunny rabbits.

watercolour, A5