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13 December 2015

Illustrating Jackie's poems

A lovely author I know, Jackie Hosking, has offered people the chance to illustrate some of her poems. As soon as I read them I had images flying through my mind that I just wanted to put to paper for her.
The first one I did was for Bedraggled. I was so pleased when she accepted it and posted it on her blog.

I have also drawn the following illustrations for a few other poems, that she has also accepted. 
Old Dog

Catch a Dewdrop

The Beach

It is such a wonderful thing to be able to illustrate such beautiful work and get a bit of free publicity as well. But that was not the main factor for me. There are still a couple of other poems I am hoping to do illustrations for when I find the time. 

In the meantime check out her wonderful work and what other illustrators have created as well...

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