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07 November 2015

I'm back!

I am happy to say that I am back. Yes I tried a different blog site and have lost nearly a years worth of posts but as they say onwards and upwards. If you are keen to see what you have missed you can always look at my Facebook page Jacqui Petersen Illustrations

I did have a break from my art due to health and other reasons for a few months but I am back into the full swing of it. October was a huge month with Inktober, Every Day in October, Drawloween, Scavenger Hunts and a few portraits and other sketches along the way. However did I find the time and energy.

Here is an overview of all that work...

Inktober 2015

Every Day in October

Drawloween featuring Bunny

Other sketches

So I hope to see you back and to be posting regularly again. :)

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