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16 June 2014

Food and feasts

It is funny how some things seem to coincide. The theme for last week on the 52 week illustration challenge was feast. And I signed up for an online course on creating illustrated recipes. Food, food and more food.

For those of you who have been long time readers you will know that I submitted 2 recipes to the wonderful site They Draw and Cook last year. And had both accepted. Which was a great thrill for me. I have been wanting to do more recipes but other things have been a priority so when I saw the course Draw it Like its Hot  being presented by Koosje Koene I thought it was a great opportunity to get back into it. And I love doing courses. This one is for four weeks and I am looking forward to an influx of new ideas and inspiration, and meeting a whole new bunch of wonderful people.

On the theme of feast I decided to go with a child's tea party. I used to love having tea party when I was young. I used a new colour palette which I think adds a lot to the illustration. It makes it light, bright and happy. Just what I was after.

The first weeks activities for Draw it Like its Hot was to sketch pages of food and kitchen items. Just to get you drawing. She calls these Foodle pages. I love the name. They are a lot of fun to do. I really like how the page turns out. I think it would make a great pattern page.

For something different I decided to colour this page in Photoshop. It certainly makes it bright. A totally different feel. But still nice.

I am looking forward to more food and recipe fun in the next few weeks and I will continue to post my progress for you all to share.

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