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06 June 2014

Eyes, the window to the soul

Eyes are fascinating. I love drawing eyes, though I do find them a major challenge. They say so much, capable of expressing so much feeling. It is hard to capture that at times. The eyes give so much away about a person, their age, how they are feeling.

Not only do we have eyes but so many other creatures and things. You can look at an eye and know where it came from. A cats eye is distinctive from a horses eye or a goat. This means you really need to pay attention to the detail.

When I was young I had a Mr Potato head toy. It was fun to take off his eyes and mouth and nose and ears and put them back on in funny places. When Toy Story came out they changed Mr Potato head. I still like him but he just isn't the same for me. Does that show my age? This is how I remember him...

One of the things I love to paint is cats faces, paying particular attention to their eyes. This is one I did this week. I have been sick for a couple of weeks and not painted for some time. It really shows. But boy did it feel good to do. I love using watercolours. Just doing this simple piece reinforced this for me. Do you get that feeling when you go back to a medium you love? Now this is why I create art.

This is how I am woken in the morning most days. With a cat prodding me and staring at me to get my attention. How could you get angry at that? It is love.

With all drawing skills it takes practice and more practice. I do like to do sheets of different parts of the anatomy so to help move things along I also did this page. I mainly focused on children's eyes. They are just quick pencil sketches but I think they worked well.

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