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09 May 2014

Sometimes life just gets in the way of art...

I have very little to show for the last week. Things have been busy, lots going on, not a lot of art going on. I need art for my sanity so feeling bit down about it all.

I did a few rough sketches in my sketchbook on the bus. And one finished piece for the challenge. Not much else going on. Didn't even really do much homework either. But I am ready to get back into it all this week.

Pen in hand, ready to go...

This was my entry for the 52 week Illustration Challenge. The topic was Celestial bodies. My only thoughts on the topic were the nursery rhyme "The cow jumped over the moon" Was done digitally in Illustrator. Didn't turn out too bad at all actually.

Just sharing those rough sketches. They all add up and keep you in touch even if just a small way. Keep drawing...

And a different view of a shoe...


  1. Your sketches are good and oh I love your demp sketches of your horses. Oh you will get a job.

    My son started out like you and perhaps younger like 16 he is till in business in Art like graphics, food illustrations and he is 50 years old now.. Allot of competition out there but one thing he was told. You have to sell yourself first speak put don't be shy and your art. Once he did that. He had many job offers.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement. I truly appreciate it.