02 May 2014

Networking with other Illustrators

As many of you are aware I am in my final year of an Illustration course. The end of the year is looming fast and I have committed to putting myself out there in preparation for hopefully finding some work soon.

Participating in the 52 Week Illustration Challenge is part of that commitment. I have met some wonderful illustrators in that group. As a whole the group is amazing and supportive and encouraging and friendly. I have been made to feel very welcome there. I am pleased to be able to consider some of the other participants as new friends.

Part of my networking goal was to actually seek advice on the Illustration industry from a couple of these wonderful people. I chose a few whom I admire, work in the children's book industry and whose style resonates with me.

Kayleen West was one of the people I contacted. Not only did she gladly offer to provide the information I was seeking but she posted it as a page on her blog for others to benefit from as well. She is a very kind hearted lovely woman and I am so thankful for her words her advice and wisdom.

Here is a link to her blog and the page she created. I hope you go over and have a read and look at all the other wonderful information she has available.  Kayleen West Q & A for Illustration students

Never underestimate the power of networking and just participating in social media and getting to know others in your industry.

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