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02 May 2014

Horses, a challenge full of love

The theme this week for the 52 Week Illustration Challenge was horse. I love horses, always have. I had the privelege of owning one for a short while when I was a teenager. Every girls dream. I have continued my love affair with horses even though I no longer have contact with them.

The horse is such a recognisable image and evokes such strong emotions in so many people. Their majesty and strength shine through. This makes them a challenge to draw.

As in past weeks I have tried a few different approaches to drawing my horses. I started by drawing 5 pages of realistic sketches in my sketchbook. I have included just a couple of those images.

I think tried something more fun and whimsical on the horse theme. This was done in watercolour in my handmade sketchbook.

I also had a play with this fun digital painting done in Photoshop.

This line drawing was completed in Illustrator. I think it turned out really well.

As usual time was limited this week or I would have loved to devote more time to this wonderful theme.


  1. Visiting from Paper, Paint, Pencils and Pens where I saw your comment on Joan's pelicans. Your horse sketches here are lovely, and then the wooden horse illustration is so amusing, he asks for a story or poem to be written about him. Quite a coincidence that I had just posted two horse sketches on PPP&P and then scrolled down to make comments when I saw your note. I do hope you join us, your artwork is very impressive. Good luck with your course.

  2. Thank you so much Jez. I appreciate the lovely comments and yes I have joined you. I look forward to sharing and seeing your artwork as well.