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02 April 2014

This weeks theme... Water.

I can't believe how quickly the weeks are flying past. I am having so much fun with the 52 Week Illustration Challenge. This week the theme was water. I must admit I procrastinated for most of the week over this. I can say I was also busy with other projects too.

I ended up using this week to do some studies and try new techniques as well as express some ideas.

Some studies painting waterdrops. One of the other participants suggested using dishwashing liquid to create bubbles for a water type effect. I had never heard of this before. The bottom blue sample were my first really bad attempts. Here I tried just swishing the foamy mixture on the page. It did not work as desired. But could still be useful as a background texture somewhere. 

I then looked up how to use the dishwashing liquid more effectively. Here are the results. Nice bubble imprints which would be great as a texture background. It took me a while to get my bubble blowing technique going just right... lol

An underwater scene with seahorse. For the background I used clingwrap to create the textured effect. I like the effect but maybe a bit overpowering for my little seahorse.

Finally, the dreaded dripping shower.

It ended up being a productive week.