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10 April 2014

Simplicity can be harder than you first realise

The challenge theme this week was simplicity. On first thought... easy. But when you sit down and try to actually come up with an idea you realise it is pretty darn hard. To capture an image in its simplest form, to express an emotion with just a few lines, all so hard to do. But when it is done well it is amazing. I did not achieve greatness this week but I am pleased with what I produced. For some really great images visit the 52 Week Illustration Challenge group page.

To start with my simplicity images I decided to go back to basics and the most simple of things for me is drawing with a lovely smooth fountain pen. And my favourite topic... cats. Cats know how to live and enjoy a simple life.

Jasper loves to just lay flat out and soak it all up.

When Tristan was a tiny kitten he used to love curling up in the fruit bowl. So cute and gorgeous. No way he would fit in there now, he is a big boy.

A simple scene to enjoy.

At the supermarket the other day I saw these lovely pears and bought one to paint. A simple piece of fruit done with simple watercolour washes.

To round things out I then went into Photoshop to create this simple scene of living life simply. A boy and his dog flying a kite.

It turned out to be another busy productive week. I am loving this challenge.


  1. Ahhh so lovely! Tristan in the bowl made me giggle.. reminded me of my Chichi. She did this always. One day, while I'm drying the dishes, I put the pasta strainer on the table for, I swear, just a minute. When I turned around to pick it up and put it away, Chichi was already comfortably lying in it, purring like mad!

    1. Thanks Andrea. Chichi sounds wonderful, but aren't they all :)

  2. I like the simplicity of these!! You are doing well with this challenge!

    1. Thanks Joan, is so great to have this focus. It is pushing me every week. Hopefully that is paying off.