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02 April 2014

Picture Book Submissions

The wonderful author and artist Tania McCartney, from the 52 Week Illustration Challenge, presented the participants with an amazing opportunity. She has a new picture book coming out and allowed people to illustrate two sections of her text as a submission for possible selection as illustrator. This is an amazing and unknown of opportunity.

Naturally, being an aspiring children's book illustrator I could not pass up this opportunity to at least try my hand. I did several roughs trying a variety of ideas. I then did paintings of a few of these. I was not completely happy so redid them with modifications. It was a long arduous, scary, daunting process. There were several times I nearly gave up with whole idea feeling very negative about my own skills. I am glad I pushed through those feelings. I do not expect to be selected but I am so pleased to have been able to present two pieces that Tania and her publishers will see. Who knows where it may lead to in the future anyway. Gotta give it a go....

Here are my final pieces and associated text they are based on. Both done in watercolour with pen. The crying piece also had the background added in Photoshop.

Sometimes - a lot of sometimes - I want to smile. It could be... a spinning round-and-round smile.

Sometimes - just sometimes - I want to cry. It might be... an ice cream plopping-down cry.

I think I ended up putting most effort into the "crying" piece. It was a challenge to express those lines. I must say I was very surprised at all the positive feedback and response I got for these pieces, from the other participants, especially for the crying piece.

From original concept ideas and sketches, to finished pieces with redo's took me approximately 12.5 hours, with lots of thinking time and research added.


  1. What an opportunity!!! You did a nice job on both, and I really like the emotional feel to the crying one...even the kangaroo looks so sad.

    1. Thanks Joan. I did put a lot of effort into them trying to get the right feeling. Sadness is so hard I am so pleased it came through.