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17 April 2014

Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery visit

Last week I visited the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery. It is a small place but well worth a visit. There were three small exhibitions.

The one I focused on most was the Signature Style show. This showed a number of pieces of jewellery and wearable art that were collaborations between an artist and a friend, often an artist in some form as well. Some of the pieces that caught my eye and appealed to me most were the Gown of Shadows. A dress made of acetate and spray paint. It was intriguing. The shoulder pads created by Natalie Milosz-Piekarksa were lovely. It was great seeing the accompanying video where her dancer friend was wearing them. It showed how they moved. Very nice. The collection by Katherine Wheeler and Polly Cn der Glad were great. It included woven gloves and flowing locks of hair. The shadows they created on the white table were great.

There was one piece in the collection that I did not particularly like. The Cosmic Elevator was a funeral bier with sound playing. To me it had garish colours and weird objects included such as a bell, cups and fake feathers. I guess I just didn't understand it.

One of the other exhibitions on show was Behind the Lines 2013. This was a collection of political cartoons. It was great to see them in a large format. They were so well done. I loved them. I am not politically minded but even I understood the majority of them which I think says something positive about the message they are conveying.

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