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29 April 2014

Dreamworks Animation Exhibition

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of going to see the Dreamworks Animation exhibition currently being held in Melbourne. As a big fan of animated movies as well as great art work this was a treat from start to finish.

The exhibition was divided into three areas covering character development, story and world.

Outside we were greeted by this massive giraffe from Madagascar. A sign of the delights we were to encounter inside. And yes you are allowed to take photos inside.

The room was a mass of artwork, animation, videos, clay models, and more divided into sections for each of their movies.

These are some of the work presented for the first Kung Fu Panda movie. They had the clay models for each of the main characters.
 Some of the original artwork and concept drawings. I found it really interesting to see how the characters developed and changed so much from the original drawings. There was  a short video for this movie that explained that until they knew that Jack Black was the actor playing the part of Po they could not finalise him. They were then able to incorporate some of the mannerisms and facial expressions of Black which added an extra dimension.

A really innovative and interesting part of the exhibition were areas such as this table that were set up with video showing the design process. It showed drawings being developed using reference material and storyboard. It was really well done.

Having original concept drawing included was great as they often had notes included on them for the artist and directors.

I enjoy seeing all the variations for elements being drawn.

The artwork was amazing. Here are a few that caught my eye.

Another part of the exhibition which was amazing was the Dragon Flight video. You entered a small room with a screen taking up 180o. It showed the original sketches of the dragon, how it developed, then colour being added then they added the environment. From that point on I found it hard to watch as I suffer from motion sickness but you were flying through the sky on the back of the dragon. Amazing. Breathtaking. Dizzying. Accompanied with an awesome soundtrack. I would highly recommend you do not miss this part, unless you too suffer motion sickness.

The exhibition is being held at Federation Square until 5 Oct, so if you are in the city I would highly recommend you spend a couple of hours immersed in the wonderful world of animation.


  1. Thanks for the comment,hope you had a good Easter too. What a great day at the exhibition you had. Saw your latest illos,love them:)