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29 March 2014

Numbers week

The topic for Week 12 in the 52 Week Illustration Challenge was Numbers. I found this a very hard topic to come up with something creative. I know I tend to be very literal in my interpretations and have to push myself to come up with something outside the box, so to speak. The other participants did some amazing work, like usual, and were SO creative.

My initial thought was an old fashioned strongman. Not really sure where that idea came from... but the weights were the number aspect. I had some fun and came up with this little character. Painted in watercolour in my handmade sketchbook.

I then was thinking about board games, with numbers and dice. One of my favourite games as a kid was snakes and ladders. Cats are one of my favourite things so here is my Cats and Ribbons version. You climb up the cat and slide down the ribbon. The stretchy cat is your friend. This was created in Illustrator. I think I could have done a better job on the ribbons, they were hard. I need to go back and have another play with this maybe. But it was fun.


  1. oh the snakes and ladders idea is brilliant! And so cute! With the muscles on your little mouse I wonder if it could lift up more than 200? I'm sure it could!! :) Wonderful little drawings

    1. Thanks so much Andrea, I am so glad you enjoyed them. :)