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15 March 2014

My own mythical creature

I was given a brief to create my own mythical creature loosely  based around the jackalope, wolpertinger or skvader. These all have a rabbit body but being an aussie I wanted to change that to start with. I have gone with the marsupial look. He is meant to be a bilby but looks maybe a bit more generic but definitely Australian.

I had some challenges with this once I had decided on the creature. Where to put him? My first attempt was in a rainforest. Maybe it was just the technique I used but really not happy with this one.

I then went back to look at some classic children's book illustrations as they are the look and feel I love and truly want to emulate. After poring over beautiful images from E H Shepard, Beatrix Potter, Ivy Wallace and others I came up with two new ideas.

This one has a pen and ink background inspired by E H Shephard. I am really happy with this but my lovely creature doesn't seem to stand out enough.

This turned out to be my favourite. Classic storybook feel here. The soft colours, nice layout. The creature fits right in. I also gave him a butterfly to play with.

It really works to try different ideas and styles as you never know what you might like in the end. I am always learning new things by doing this. I don't always go back to those ideas, I often forget but it is good to be reminded and just have a go. I really enjoyed this brief. I hope you like my little friend too.


  1. Nice work. Would you Mind sharing what colours you used for your greens? They ressemble those seen in EH Shepards water coloured illustrations. Good job��

    1. Thank you so much Gary. From memory my greens were mixed from Cerulean blue and New Gamboge, both Winsor and Newton paints.