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28 March 2014

Little Landscapes

Each year Chisholm TAFE holds a Little Landscapes exhibition. As I am a student there I get to participate.

There is a painting camp held early in the year. This year it was at Stony Point. The idea is to paint plein air on 9 x 5 panels or sheets. The 9 x 5 is the size of the cigar box lids the original Heidelberg school painters used to use.

Stony Point is a favourite spot of mine. I have visited there often. It is just a small spot on Western Port Bay at the end of the train line. There is a small (tiny) general store and a huge pier where the ferry across to Philip Island runs from, a boat ramp and caravan park. That's about it. But the scenery is lovely. It is also surrounded by trees, mangrove swamp and the bay looking across to Philip Island.

There is a lot of bird life there too. I especially love the watch the flock of Pelicans that roost there. You never realise how big pelicans are till you see them in person.

My favourite painting medium is watercolour... did you notice :) So I did several pieces to be considered for inclusion in the exhibition. Here they are...

The exhibition is being held at BrightSpace in St Kilda opening on Wed 7 May. If you live in Melbourne I hope you get a chance to drop by and have a look.

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