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24 March 2014

How do you face a challenge?

Sometimes a challenge is really a challenge and sometimes I just can't push myself to meet that challenge. I'm sure you all know what I mean by that.

The topic for this week for the 52 Week Illustration Challenge was architecture. One of the things I find most difficult to draw is buildings. I know they are basically just squares and cubes but I find them really hard and generally just try to avoid them. I truly admire Urban Sketchers who do amazing sketches of buildings. I am just not that type of artist.

I debated all week how I was going to tackle this topic. I kept searching through images of buildings trying to be inspired and find the courage to try them but being busy with other projects just didn't leave me with much time or energy for something that is such a challenge. Well that is my excuse...

I finally settled on something to do with architecture... letterboxes. I think letterboxes are amazing. They come is such different shapes and sizes and somehow you tell what country they come from just by looking at them. So that was my challenge. I did a page of letterboxes of the world in pen and wash.

Near the end of the week I was feeling a bit guilty and that I had let myself down so I made an attempt at this simple drawing in Illustrator. It is a start and something that hopefully I will come back to and develop further.

Next week is numbers... another big challenge. Don't forget to pop over and see all the amazing work this fantastic group of artists are creating in the 52 Week Illustration Challenge.


  1. Nice group of letterboxes! Looks like you are doing well with your challenge.

    1. Thanks Joan. I am having a lot of fun with it. I can't believe how quickly the weeks are going by.