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15 March 2014

52 week Illustration Challenge - Patterns

Last week the topic for the 52 Week Illustration Challenge with Tania McCartney was Patterns. There were some amazing digital patterns created and lots of other inspiring and creative pieces as well. I must admit I had a bit of a personal challenge with this one. I kept trying to look to nature for my inspiration.

Here I was trying to capture the pattern of the waves, and there is the pattern of the footprints in the sand.

Simple idea here from a slice of orange. Created using watercolour pencils.

Pattern of bricks in the wall offset by the flower growing.

A final challenge was this pine cone drawn directly in ink. Wash created with waterbrush.

Nothing like a challenge to push yourself.


  1. Nice patterns! I like that one of the orange slice a lot! Great color and light. The pinecone is nicely done too. I like that you left the white sappy edges.