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13 February 2014

Seeing progress

I try to create art most days, usually sketching or painting. I plod along and don't often see much progress but still enjoy the process. It is relaxing and a lot of fun. It has also been a way to meet a whole lot of really nice people.

I did this quick 2 min sketch yesterday morning. Just biro in cheap sketchbook. Once I had drawn it I sat it on the coffee table and went about doing other things. I came back and glanced down at it. Something hit me. "Wow my drawing is really improving." It might not be the best sketch ever but it just helped me see some progress in my work. That is a really nice feeling.

I always date my sketches and keep all my sketchbooks. I love going back and looking through them. I find forgotten treasures in there, but I really like to see how I am improving. And yes I am improving. It might be slow but it is happening. That helps me keep going. I hope you all have nice moments like that too.


  1. I love the robo kitten sketches and this one too!!! It is fun to look back at our sketches and sketchbooks and see the progress we are making.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment Joan. I have watched your progress and been amazed and inspired. Thank you for your support.