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29 January 2014

Another drawing challenge

I do like challenges, they help keep me motivated. Through a friend on Facebook I found and am now participating in a 52 week Illustration challenge. This has been organised by the lovely Tania McCartney. There is a topic per week and you can do as many drawings/paintings for that week as you wish. The new topic starts on Wed each week.

I started a bit late and had to do catch up but that is fine. There are lots of wonderful artists, and their children participating. They are all different levels and all have such wonderful imaginations. The creativity being shown for each of the topics is amazing. It is great to be part of such a wonderful group. This is why I love the internet.

Here are my contributions so far:

Week 1 - Eggs

The first one was fairly literal, as that is how I tend to be, then I tried to be a bit more creative.

Week 2 - Kids

This was drawn from my hospital bed one evening. Completely done from imagination, which is something I rarely do. A challenge in itself. I am pretty happy with the result.

Week 3 - Caravan

Fairly basic drawing but at least I did it. :)

Week 4 - Selfie

I was feeling pretty sluggish, fat and ugly so tried to convey that in my drawing.

This one was a couple of days later when I was in a better frame of mind. I am really happy with how this one turned out as a drawing but not so sure exactly how much it really looks like me.

The new week has begun so will get busy with that soon.

08 January 2014

The start of a new year

For me it has been a rocky start to 2014, both personally, healthwise and in my art. I developed a migraine new years eve that put me in bed for 3 days. So no art was done then. I am trying to get back into sketching and or painting daily but it has been a bit hit and miss. I am hoping things will settle and I'll get back some routine.

Here are a couple of things I did manage to do. All of the drawings were done in pen in my Moleskine sketchbook. I am finally enjoying using it. I guess it was just a matter of finding the right tool to suit.

I was resting in the sun along with the cats so did some quick gesture drawings. They had to be quick as even though they seemed to be sleeping as soon as I tried drawing them they moved. Those cat senses on full alert... lol

Jasper likes to perch on top of the footseat. It is filled with styrofoam balls like a bean bag and is very loose and floppy. Somehow he manages to climb on top and scrunch around till he is comfy. This is a back view.

As a group exercise with some friends, here are some gesture drawings of people in different poses. I like to have small challenges like this. And also fun to share.

A friends son had his 8th birthday on Monday. He loves cats so I painted this cat face and turned it into a card for him. His face lit up when he opened it. It was a winner. That made me feel really nice. :)