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07 November 2013

Teddy friends

Was feeling positive when I got home from the doctor today, stocked up on more meds so decided to take advantage and do a quick sketch. I have been looking up at the shelves in my room at these teddy bears. I actually made them myself, many years ago and still like having them around. :) They are best buds sitting up there looking over me.

I have several other teddy bears around the house but something you made yourself is kinda special.
Am thinking I might go back and add some colour. Feels like a colour sort of day.

I hope everyone participating in SkADaMo is doing well. If you'd like to check out there great work click on the badge on the right.


  1. So glad you were feeling better and that you were able to sketch! Love these guys!

  2. Thanks so much to both of you. It felt good to be drawing again. I just want to do more now :)

  3. I make Teddy Bears, and yes, handmade is much more special! (also, really hard to get rid of when you make your own, LOL)

    Very cute!