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04 November 2013


November is potentially such a busy month. There are so many different challenges available to join into. A good way to finish the year with a bang I guess. So along with participating in PiBoIdMo I also  signed myself up for SkADaMo, Sketch A Day Month. As the name implies, do a sketch a day for the month of November. Sounds good to me.

Yes I know I have a shoulder injury but not drawing at all is driving me crazy. I am being realistic here and only aiming for small simple sketches that can take only a couple of minutes. Whatever I manage will be good enough and feel good to do. It is just nice to even be able to think of the possibility of drawing. I am also planning on sketching in the morning when I have had some rest (hopefully) and have less pain.

I pulled one of my drawing items out of the drawer and have used him as a model over the last 2 days. My friendly green tree frog toy. I just like having him around. Decided to just use biro, keeping it simple, and did a few different angles of him.

I hope you like :)

BTW  I should give big thanks to Linda Silvestri at SketchedOut for running this. Here is her official logo, don't you just love it!! It will take you to her site to check out all the details and great works from other artists.


  1. I love it! I should have a drawing model in my drawer too XD

    1. Thanks so much. I have models in my drawers and whole cupboards of them. I tend to keep things purely for the purpose of sketching them.

  2. Good work! Practice is everything, isn't it? I too have had a shoulder injury, from which I'm finally recovered. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  3. Love the frogs! Also, thanks for the shout out!