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15 November 2013

SkADaMo - more sketches

I have been keeping up with my daily sketches but had trouble with my scanner so haven't been able to post them. They are nothing original or exciting, just using ref shots or objects around me.

These are done in a Moleskine sketchbook. I am really unsure of this. It is great for biro or uniball pen but not so good for fountain pen. With wet ink it just sits on top of the waxy page, and trying to do washes, as shown here, it is very uneven and bubbly. Maybe best to keep away from the washes for now till I find a different sketchbook to use again.

Well here are my sketching mumbles for the last couple of days. I am sure most of you have a drawing mannikin, she is great for a last resort. I try to participate in a Scavenger Hunt at WetCanvas (click this link to go have a look) where you are given a list of 26 items to draw from life. A great challenge to try new things and a focus to keep me going. One of the items was "figure", so here she is.

The bird and dog are from reference photos.

I have been ruminating (I hope that's the right word lol) over some idioms and have some ideas in my head but just haven't put them to paper yet. I am really enjoying this monthly challenge. It is great seeing what the other participants are doing too.


  1. Love the bird and the dog expression:) And the figure....bad memories,I hated it when I was in drawing classes:)

  2. Sorry to bring up bad memories for you. Just look at the dog, ignore the mannikin. :)

  3. Glad you were able to get your sketches up! Beautiful!