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10 November 2013

Fine tooth comb

Had to just do a quick one today and scan it as I have to hand in all my sketchbooks with my folio for assessment in the morning. I hate being without my sketchbook for a week. I know it just means I have to use a different one for a while but I like having a flow in my books. I do have several sketchbooks on the go at once but each seems to suit a particular mood. I know, silly, but that's me :)

I have a moleskin watercolour sketchbook that I am still to break open, maybe this is a good time to do so. But that's for tomorrow.

I have taken a leaf from Linda Silvestri of SkADaMo fame,  and had a play with an idiom. This is a great resource for ideas.  I will come back and refine this one so you get more of a sense of the smile and mouth, but for now...


  1. I know what you mean about different sketchbooks filling different moods. Me too. Enjoying seeing your sketches and I think your watercolors are terrific!

    1. I really appreciate your comment, thank you so much :)

  2. SkaDaMo is indeed a great inspiration and this one gives me a smile on the early raininy sundaymorning!

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