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16 November 2013

Bear stack

I have been thinking of doing some teddy bear sketches in different poses. Somehow it morphed into this idea and it just kept coming into my mind all night. I lay in bed this morning with it still nagging at me. I should do a better more finished version of it, but at least it is down on paper and out of my mind for now.
Do you get ideas like that which just have to be followed through?

Watercolour pencils and waterbrush


  1. Thanks, strange what comes out of my mind sometimes.

  2. that's the fun of can put whatever is in your mind on paper!

  3. Looks like 3 in a bed…cute!!! Bears are always fun to sketch.

  4. Funny! I think it's great to just sketch it up like you did. It's either just fine as is, or might serve as a seed for something else in the future!