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18 November 2013

Missing days....

Thanks to all the other SkADaMo participants and other friends who have been dropping by and seeing what I've been up to. Unfortunately the last couple of days have not been good pain wise and I have been unable to do any sketches. I do have some ideas floating around that I want to try. I have been very good about resting today and feeling a bit better so here's hoping that I can pick up the pen again tomorrow and have something new to show.

Thanks again for all the support :)

Make sure you check out what everyone else has been up to here. There is some amazing fun and creative stuff.

16 November 2013

Bear stack

I have been thinking of doing some teddy bear sketches in different poses. Somehow it morphed into this idea and it just kept coming into my mind all night. I lay in bed this morning with it still nagging at me. I should do a better more finished version of it, but at least it is down on paper and out of my mind for now.
Do you get ideas like that which just have to be followed through?

Watercolour pencils and waterbrush

15 November 2013

SkADaMo - more sketches

I have been keeping up with my daily sketches but had trouble with my scanner so haven't been able to post them. They are nothing original or exciting, just using ref shots or objects around me.

These are done in a Moleskine sketchbook. I am really unsure of this. It is great for biro or uniball pen but not so good for fountain pen. With wet ink it just sits on top of the waxy page, and trying to do washes, as shown here, it is very uneven and bubbly. Maybe best to keep away from the washes for now till I find a different sketchbook to use again.

Well here are my sketching mumbles for the last couple of days. I am sure most of you have a drawing mannikin, she is great for a last resort. I try to participate in a Scavenger Hunt at WetCanvas (click this link to go have a look) where you are given a list of 26 items to draw from life. A great challenge to try new things and a focus to keep me going. One of the items was "figure", so here she is.

The bird and dog are from reference photos.

I have been ruminating (I hope that's the right word lol) over some idioms and have some ideas in my head but just haven't put them to paper yet. I am really enjoying this monthly challenge. It is great seeing what the other participants are doing too.

12 November 2013

Cat on a wire

Here is my "bright" idea from yesterday that I didn't get a chance to draw. Bit silly I know, but oh well... :)

I think the cat looks quite pleased with himself. He just wanted to join in the fun.

Pen and ink sketch

I missed sketching yesterday but did  have an idea while driving home from school. I will do it later and add it as a late addition.

Am feeling a bit lost without my sketchbooks so had a look through my cupboard to see if there was anything in there I could use. I splurged on a Moleskine back in '09 and rarely used it. So I guess now is a good enough time to give it a go and see what it is like.

This was done directly in pen, using a Signo uniball. This succulent grows in a pot outside my front door so was a handy model. I loved the way the pen glided over the paper, so smooth. I tried different pen strokes to try and show the texture and form. The colour of the paper was different to work with, I don't remember it being so yellow. I don't normally do a double page spread like this either, bit hard when my usual sketchbook is wirebound. It gave a nice square format. I think I could like this... :)

I also found a watercolour Moleskine still in its plastic wrap so I'll be giving that a test run over the week too. The paper looks very different...

10 November 2013

Fine tooth comb

Had to just do a quick one today and scan it as I have to hand in all my sketchbooks with my folio for assessment in the morning. I hate being without my sketchbook for a week. I know it just means I have to use a different one for a while but I like having a flow in my books. I do have several sketchbooks on the go at once but each seems to suit a particular mood. I know, silly, but that's me :)

I have a moleskin watercolour sketchbook that I am still to break open, maybe this is a good time to do so. But that's for tomorrow.

I have taken a leaf from Linda Silvestri of SkADaMo fame,  and had a play with an idiom. This is a great resource for ideas.  I will come back and refine this one so you get more of a sense of the smile and mouth, but for now...

Learning from others - illustrations

I was sorting my folio ready to hand it in for assessment tomorrow. I can't believe it is the end of the year already. I found my work from half year. These are a couple of pieces that I am really happy with and thought I'd share.

The watercolours are studies from advertisements. A pretty neat idea really. Also reassuring, as a budding potential illustrator, that they are an acceptable medium.

This is a piece using coloured pencil. I rarely use this medium. I enjoyed this piece. Again it was a study emulating another artists style, Marco Mazzoni. You can see his stunning work here. I hope I did his work justice.

09 November 2013

Watercolour playtime

Here is a watercolour sketch I did a couple of weeks ago. A familiar face closeup that I like but decided to be daring and bold with the colour. I love seeing other people's work like that and was hoping to achieve something different. Well it is different. Not what I was aiming for but a start. I lost a lot of my shading and contour on the face with the mix of colours. Bit more planning next time maybe. The eyes turned out pretty well so not all is lost.

One of the online facebook groups I am a member of is having a mini challenge drawing and painting some crab apples photos that one kind lady offered up. There have been some great interpretation done. Here is my attempt. Again I was aiming for loose blending of colour. I have captured that to some degree. It is slowly getting there. The shadows need work but at least I remembered them this time :)

Was just nice to splash paint around again.

Run and Hide

The backing is loose on one of the chairs in the lounge room. One of our cats, Devi, loves to hide and play in there. She was told off this morning and did a dive for her hidy place. I quickly captured a sketch of it while it was fresh in my mind. Was cute seeing the fluffy tail disappear into the darkness :)

Watersoluble graphite pencil and touch of coloured pencil.


Last night I did some doodles of animals. Kind of got caught up with pigs. They are just fun ideas, nothing fancy. Might be able to use them in the future. I was having so much fun and finding some great ideas on the net, I ended up with two pages.

07 November 2013

Teddy friends

Was feeling positive when I got home from the doctor today, stocked up on more meds so decided to take advantage and do a quick sketch. I have been looking up at the shelves in my room at these teddy bears. I actually made them myself, many years ago and still like having them around. :) They are best buds sitting up there looking over me.

I have several other teddy bears around the house but something you made yourself is kinda special.
Am thinking I might go back and add some colour. Feels like a colour sort of day.

I hope everyone participating in SkADaMo is doing well. If you'd like to check out there great work click on the badge on the right.

06 November 2013

Bad day

Having a bad day pain wise so no sketching getting done. :(

I have tried to do a bit of browsing on the internet and found some great ideas. Which is good and bad. Great to have ideas, bad to not be able to do anything with them right now. Very frustrating.  If you are looking for new idea prompts for sketches and/or story ideas I looked up spot illustrations on google as well as browsing kids books on iTunes. Lots of great stuff there.

Am now going to try and jot some ideas down for PiBoIdMo before I forget them all completely. I hope everyone else is doing well and having a fantastic creative time. :)

Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow.

04 November 2013


November is potentially such a busy month. There are so many different challenges available to join into. A good way to finish the year with a bang I guess. So along with participating in PiBoIdMo I also  signed myself up for SkADaMo, Sketch A Day Month. As the name implies, do a sketch a day for the month of November. Sounds good to me.

Yes I know I have a shoulder injury but not drawing at all is driving me crazy. I am being realistic here and only aiming for small simple sketches that can take only a couple of minutes. Whatever I manage will be good enough and feel good to do. It is just nice to even be able to think of the possibility of drawing. I am also planning on sketching in the morning when I have had some rest (hopefully) and have less pain.

I pulled one of my drawing items out of the drawer and have used him as a model over the last 2 days. My friendly green tree frog toy. I just like having him around. Decided to just use biro, keeping it simple, and did a few different angles of him.

I hope you like :)

BTW  I should give big thanks to Linda Silvestri at SketchedOut for running this. Here is her official logo, don't you just love it!! It will take you to her site to check out all the details and great works from other artists.

01 November 2013

Simple sketch

I am climbing the walls not being able to sketch, paint and draw on a daily basis at the moment. My shoulder was feeling a bit better so decided to do a simple sketch of some carnations. This is just done with a biro in a cheap simple sketchbook. Nothing fancy.  But I do really like how it turned out.

Here's to hoping I can get back into doing more and more shortly.