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10 October 2013

Life drawing - Pirate style

We had a special life drawing class today. Instead of a nude model she was dressed up as a pirate with assorted props. I must say the addition of clothes actually created a whole new set of challenges. It was a fun morning. It was great to get back into life drawing. I really should look for a local class or group that offers it. It really helps my drawing overall.

Here are some of my sketches. All done in A3 sketchbook using Lamy Safari fountain pen. I really like using this pen as it glides smoothly and helps me stay loose.

10 min sketches

20 min sketch

and some action shots, each pose 4 mins

I am thinking of using one or more of these sketches and developing them further into paintings. What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. These are really nice. Clothing does present a challenge, and I like the idea of the pirate outfit and assorted props.