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03 October 2013

A busy art morning

Been having a super busy and productive art morning. While waiting for the paint to dry on my assignment I have been drawing and painting up a storm in mini sketches.

There are some watercolours in my handmade sketchbook. Like usual a real mix of topics.

Did a couple of portraits in pen. Yes even tried another self portrait. I am constantly amazed at how different they turn out each time. Is this really me? Which one is me? Guess all part of how I feel each day. I tried to keep them loose. Loose is my word for the day.

And a couple of other sketches in my all purpose book.

I feel good to have achieved so much. They might not be the best standard but it is all part of keeping the flow going. I am happier with some more than others but that always happens anyway.


  1. You have had quite a productive morning. Nice sketches!

    1. Thank you Joan. I paid for it in pain. I have injured my shoulder somehow and it doesn't like me drawing. Haven't done much since that big spree. :(