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19 September 2013

Visiting Healesville Sanctuary, Australia

Last weekend I spent a lovely sunny spring day strolling around Healesville Sanctuary. This is a wildlife park for Australian native birds and animals. I have not been there for many years and it was great to see the improvements.

Early spring, mating season, turned out to be a great time to visit as many of the birds and animals were very lively. We saw a great display from the lyre bird. He had his mating season tail feathers and showed us his mating dance. It was fantastic to see from within 3 feet. The usually quiet platypus was also lively and swimming actively in his pool. It was also great to see the Tassie devil trotting around too.

On the evening before I pre-prepared a number of pages in my sketchbook. I took the chance to sketch some of the birds and animals and today did a watercolour sketch of the blue fairy wren, one of my favourites. The blue was just so intense to see on such a small ball of feathers. I could not resist the Pelicans, they are wonderful birds. Naturally there are some sketches of the roos and a dingo curled up enjoying the sun.

Here are my sketches, I hope you enjoy.


  1. Great sketches!!! I especially love the kangaroos and the birds!

    1. Thanks so much Joan. It was great to be able to draw them from life.