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22 September 2013

New improved digital painting style

I have been working on some digital paintings for a children's book idea. I was not completely happy with the effect I was achieving. It was much more cartoony than I like for my own work. Will Terry is an illustrator that I admire. He paints both digitally and in acrylics. I really like his style. So yesterday I watched some of his YouTube videos showing some tips on how he paints in Photoshop. It only took a short time and I felt much more confident. I understood the principles of what he was doing.

I have repainted my dragon. I am much happier with the result I have achieved here. It is more realistic, which I like, while still maintaining a digital feel. In my final image I have combined a watercolour painted background with the digitally painted dragon. The result is interesting and different. They blend well together while still looking different.

It really emphasised for me that sometimes you have to step back and really look at what you are doing and decide if you are getting the results you really want. If not try something new. Give it a go. There is so much information on the internet that you can easily and quickly get your hands on to help. Sometimes this takes a lot of time and effort, other times you can click with just a few tips. This is how we develop and grow as artists. Remember you are not slavishly copying what the other person is doing, you are adapting some of the ideas into your own style. Just making your style better.

I am so pleased I took the time to do this. Here are the results. I hope you agree there is a marked improvement.

Original style...

New style...

Final illustration, watercolour background and digital dragon...


  1. This looks great!! I like the watercolor background. Since I don't have Photoshop and know nothing about digital art creation, I'll leave that to you since you seem to be doing well with it. Nice work!

    1. Thanks Joan. I am much more comfortable with my brushes and watercolour paints :)
      But its getting there and I'm enjoying the process