25 September 2013

Facial expressions

My focus in my portrait sketching the last few days has been children and different expressions. Children have such large eyes and express so much. I am trying to capture even just a small part of that. I am fairly happy with my results. One thing I have noticed I need to work on a lot  more is the 3/4 angle of the face, no matter the age. This might be what I work on next.

I mainly used pencil for these but decided to get out my Lamy Safari fountain pen for one of them. I always love working in pen and ink and washing out the lines. I don't think it is too heavy for a child.


  1. Great job on the baby sketches!!! They are so hard to do but you've done a nice job!

    1. Thank you so much Joan. They have been a lot of fun esp as they seem to show so much more emotion than us oldies. lol And those big eyes