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22 September 2013

Establishing a daily drawing practice

I am trying to re-establish a daily practice of drawing. New daily routine, get up, check internet for news, etc, do some sketching/drawing. Even if it is just one drawing or one page it helps. It helps my drawing, it helps me feel I am doing something constructive and improving my skills.  If I do more during the day its an added bonus. And I am actually wanting to do more during the day. It is having a positive effect all round.

I guess I am not so different from many others in that I often will not allow myself the time and luxury to do those things I enjoy the most. My art comes under this category. I should be doing something useful. Doing an art course at college helps me to justify my time on my art. It is homework. I have to do it. I am allowed.

Establishing this small morning ritual of allowing myself to relax and draw is good. I feel good about it. I don't have to spend a lot of time, even just 10 mins but I feel good about this time. And I have something concrete to show for it. My sketchbooks are filling up. Looking back over the pages I can see the improvement. This also makes me feel good.

Here are my efforts from this morning...


  1. Good for you that you are taking time to sketch and improve your skills. I still do the scavenger hunts on WetCanvas, so every evening I sketch something too.

    1. I have missed the scavenger hunts. I really should get back into them, there are fun and give you something to focus on.