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15 June 2013

Personalised greeting

Painted this new pussy cat the other day. Really feel I am starting to get the hang of the wet in wet to create a nice soft fur look. The eyes are still the key though.

As part of my course we have a "sister city" illustration course in Kansas. This is for my penpal there Maddy. Hope you like it :) What a great idea to network and see what else is happening in the world of illustration from a students perspective.

12 June 2013

They Draw and Cook

I have long admired and enjoyed the website They Draw and Cook. Some wonderful artists have produced some amazing illustrated recipes. The food is pretty yum too. I have been trying to encourage myself to produce a recipe myself to submit. Well I finally did it. One of my favourite recipes Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Here is the recipe...

The great news is that I submitted it to the site and it was accepted, so you can also check it out here and look at all the other great recipes too.

11 June 2013

Watercolour sketches cont...

Here are some of my more recent watercolour sketches. Some of the favourite topics repeated, cats, leaves, fruit, etc.

10 June 2013

Small offering

Just an idea for a childrens story.

Funny how you see an image somewhere and in your mind you take it somewhere completely different and make it your own. I am glad I actually put pen to paper for this one. I should make a painting out of it one day.

biro sketch on prepainted sketchbook page

Bird Doodles

I have become a bit obsessed with birds lately. In bed the other morning I had an idea for a childrens book that would be fun to illustrate. I roughly sketched out some scenes (no not showing them here... they are really really rough) and now have been busy trying out different styles for drawing birds.

Collected the ideas from several different sources, tried making them my own. Have filled several pages in my sketchbook, as you can see. Who knows what might come of it. BTW I enjoy sketching on pages that I have already added splashes of colour to. It seems liberating. The page has already been started for me...

Do you have ideas like this? Do you follow through on them?


Mimicking someone else's style in your own artwork can be a great learning tool. It is also a great way to  try something new without all the stress of coming up with something yourself.

These are my versions of several watercolour images used in ad's. I am pretty happy with the results. The water bottle was the biggest challenge but was still successful, well I think so anyway.