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23 May 2013

Pen and ink

I did some sketches of horses. I love horses, always have, but never tried drawing them before. The first page is just some quick graphite sketches. The other pages are using a variety of pen and ink techniques. I like how the different techniques give such a different look but still tie together.

Sorry for the poor quality photos, had to use the iPad.

Views of my dragon

As an assigment we had to draw a favourite object. I chose my dragon statue that I have had for several years. These are four views and perspectives, all done in graphite. A fun way of looking at things differently.

Newer watercolours

It has been a while. I have been without a computer for a while but still doing my art. Here are some more of my watercolour sketches. Of course there are more cats, including our furbabies from home.