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08 January 2013

More watercolours

I am continuing with my watercolour sketches. I filled my sketchbook and made myself a new one to help keep the  momentum going. I used the pamphlet style once again as it is quick and easy. I did make it a little larger with 12 pages  instead of just 8, which meant I used one and a half sheets of watercolour paper, Arches 180gsm.

I am focusing on trying to maintain strong colours while working wet in wet. I have been watching some tutorials  on youtube and been picking up a few different techniques to try. I find it very useful to be able to actually watch the artist applying and working with the paint rather than just read from a book. Mind you I still love being able to go back over things in a book.

The trees in the background here were done with a flat brush, not something I usually use but I liked the effect created. The rocks in the foreground were painted wet in wet then I pushed the paint around with an icypole stick for some extra texture. Not sure all the elements fit together here but happy with the individual aspects.
 The following two were from photo refs.

All this painting, on a near daily basis is really helping. I am feeling more confident with the medium and what I am trying to achieve. The fact that they are just "sketches" also takes a lot of pressure off and allows me to just try new things.


  1. You slipped in a bit of work while I wasn't looking! Nice rich colors!!! Glad to see you posting again.

  2. Thanks Joan. I know it has been a while.