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16 September 2012

Life Drawing Class

I have been doing a life drawing class as part of my course. It is a wonderful experience.  It is great to 1 have the pressure of trying to get an image down in a short amount of time, usually done with a series of 3 min warm up drawings, and 2 to have the opportunity to try a variety of techniques and styles.

Most of my work so far has been done using charcoal. I have gained a whole new appreciation for this medium. It can be very expressive. And fun. Working with line and applying tone in different ways.

Another advantage working from a live model is they can move... while you are drawing... this is a very challenging (frustrating) exercise.

Here are a couple with a conte pencil for something different.

Painting in Photoshop

I have been having lots of fun playing with portraits in Photoshop. I initially tried both "realistic" painting and cartoon styles. I much prefer painting, it is more my style.

There are so many cool tools and brushes in Photoshop to make this easy and fun. You really should give it a try. Remember it's just like any other method of creating art, it takes practice. Relax and have some fun... my motto as usual.

 There are heaps of tutorials available online to help you get started.

Next I want to try some animals, my cats will be the willing models as usual. Fur can't be that different to hair, can it?