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13 April 2012


I have been meaning to post some more here but have become sidetracked with a couple of other projects. I am participating in the International Fake Journal Month (April). I am creating a Cooking Adventure journal. It is a lot of fun. I am finding new and old recipes and trying different ways of illustrating them. I am using watercolour but the paper isn't very suitable but I am still happy with most of the results. It looks homemade.

Here are a couple of examples to give you the idea...

My TAFE homework has also been eating up my time. Drawing a cityscape in correct perspective using rulers is very slow and time consuming. Yes I understand the importance of perspective and I have learnt a few things I wasn't aware of but I would never draw with this much precision for myself.

I have done three A3 drawings to scale and have selected two that I will paint. Today I finally stretched some watercolour paper. I am using hot press which is an additional challenge for me as well. I have only ever used it a couple of times, it reacts so differently from cold pressed but I want the smooth surface. I have one week to complete the two paintings and choose which I will submit for marking. Fingers crossed at least one works out.


  1. These pages look great all together like this!

    A class in perspective sounds great...something I never got around to doing. Good luck with the pieces you're starting!