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21 March 2012

Nose studies

I really want to work on improving my portraits. To help with this I try to regularly (well that's the plan) do studies of different face parts in the hope that they will all come together eventually.

Here are some nose studies I did from a variety of photos I found on the internet. At least they all look like human noses. I paid particular attention to shading around the nostril and not just leaving a black hole. I think it helped a lot. I am really quite pleased with the form and shape I am getting now.

It's what they say... practice, practice, practice.

Now to do some eyes and mouths.


  1. Good idea doing those nose studies. I always find noses to be the hardest part of a portrait. They look good!

  2. Thanks for the comment Michelle. I don't practice often enough (same old excuse) but each time I do them I gradually see an improvement, and they don't feel so scary.