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30 March 2012

Learning Illustrator

As part of my course I am doing a computer class this year. The first half of the year is dedicated to learning how to draw and use Illustrator. We have been learning how to "master" the pen tool. I am having a blast. It is so much fun. I have been so looking forward to this class and it is more than living up to expectations, and hopefully will just keep getting better.

Here are some fun goofy faces I created.

A black and white line drawing/icon of a horse (well I hope the horse bit was obvious). This was difficult to decide what parts to draw and what to leave out but still show the structure and form. I am happy with the result. I'd like to play and do some more of these.


  1. You're doing a great job on these! I haven't drawn on the computer since I first learned to use it and taught my students how to draw with the mouse. Things have come a long way since then.

  2. They certainly have. I must admit I find it hard using a mouse and am lucky enough to have a Wacom tablet and stylus. Just makes it so much more natural and easy.